Making apple cider vinegar is my top 5 hobbies of mine. Organic apple cider vinegar is anti-inflammatory, fights diabetes, improve heart health and can also be used for acne problem. If you want to try this treat, here is what you need:


*Mineral water/ Filter water

*Loosely woven cotton gaze (cloth)


*Rubber band.

These are the steps:

1.Wash your apples in cold water and chop (with the core) to medium size cubes.

2.Transfer the apples to a sanities glass jar.

3. Cover the apples with filtered/mineral water.

4.Add 1 tablespoon of sugar for every apple in the jar.

5.Cover the jar with a loosely woven cotton cloth gaze.

6. Secure with a rubber band around the opening of the jar.

7. Keep the jar in a warm dark place.

8.Stear the mixture once or twice a day.

9. When all the apples drop down to the bottom of the jar. BTW- don’t try eating the apples.

10. Fermenting- strain the vinegar and toss the apples use the cotton gaze.

11.Wrap the jar with a new cotton gaze and secure with a rubber band.

12. Leave the vinegar to ferment for 3-6 weeks (steer every day).

13. Transfer to a glass jar with a lis (don’t forget to sanities it before).

Store and Enjoy !

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