If you decided to become an equestrian and have already found a riding instructor here are some tips regarding horseback riding that might help you.

First of all, you should wear proper horse riding gear. It is essential that you wear comfortable clothes. We know it might be obvious, but skirts and dresses are a big no! Make sure you wear long pants and a pair of boots.

Secondly, mount with confidence. It is completely normal to feel nervous during your first time, but if you ride with tense, the horse will be able to sense it and might become nervous too. Even if you fear a little inside, trick the horse by mounting with confidence.

Last but not least, be gentle with the reins. Your riding technique will be depending on which style your instructor will be teaching you, but always remember not to pull too hard or else you might hurt the horse.

Good luck and always remember that every expert was once an amateur! Relax and enjoy your experience!

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