Have you ever wondered what the term free-range chicken means? Well, it stands for chickens that have access to outdoor areas for a large period of time and don’t remain in their cages during the day. Many farmers give their chickens access to fields in order for them to roam freely, explore and even gather a significant amount of their food on their own.

Free-range chickens have many benefits and some of them are that they are a great protein source, since one free ranged chicken fillet stands for more than 50% of a person’s daily need of protein.

Moreover, according to researches, they produce healthier eggs, which contain less cholesterol and saturated fat, and are richer in vitamins and omega-3. Lastly, they don’t disturb hormones as commercial chicken meat does.

Fun fact: although it’s not scientifically proved, some claim that free-range chickens taste better than non-free range.

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